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Banquette menu to order:
(agreed price)
Roast piglet
Bechi (boiled beef shoulder)
Tapa (fried mutton bottom)
Boiled chicken
Roast turkey
Chefs specialties:
"Podvodnoe tsarstvo"/"Benealth the Sea" (sturgeon, trout, shrimps, lemon)240/20 800
"Pirosmani" (reindeer sirloin, mountain cranberry, white milk mushrooms)100/140 700
"Mtsvadi" (pork, pomegranate, fresh tomatoes)200/160 300
"Caucasian Bouquet" (mutton, pork, fresh vegetables)200/150 400
Shashlik "National" (pork, pomegranate, tomatoes, greens)per 100/100 200
"Dream of Georgian" (mutton, pork, chicken shachlyk, mutton lula kebab)1/600 880
Cold starters and dishes:
Salmon cavair (red cavair, lemon, butter)30/30 190
Salmon cavair sandwich10/10/570
Assorted fish (salmon, butterfish, trout, lemon)120/30/40 310
Assorted meat (summer sausage, beef, pork sirloin, pork neck)180/95 280
Boiled veal tongue with horse radish100/30/40 220
"Seljodochka" (hering fillet, potatoes, onion)100/70 120
Eggplants with brynza cheese210/30 200
Eggplants with nuts (eggplant, nuts gretskie, greens, spices)210/30 200
Tomatoes with Brynza cheese (tomato, brynza, greens, sour cream)170/25 120
Tomatoes with nuts (tomato, nuts gretskie, greens, sour cream)170/25 120
Phali allsorts (spinach, string bean green, nuts gretskie, spices, greens)200/110200
"Satsyvi" (chicken, walnuts, spices)150/150 200
Suluguni cheese150/25 130
Brynza cheese150/25 130
Red beans with nuts1/200 100
Black olives with lemon50/10 60
Green olives with lemon50/10 60
Pickles in Caucasian manner (tsitsak, garlic, tomatoes, herbs)1/200 120
Mzhave (marinated cabbage in Georgian manner)1/200 80
Pickled mushrooms with sour cream100/30/25 150
Fresh greens1/100 80
"Imperial" (squid, shrimps, salad St., egg, mayonnaise, caviar Salmon, greens, olives)1/150250
"Sadko" (calamari, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, eggs, mayonnaise)1/150160
Salad motley with a salmon (salmon с/с, salad St., kiwi, tomato, Onions, pepper bulgarian, grapefruit, greens, oil olive)/td>1/230190
"Cesar" with shrimps (shrimps, tomatoes, pieces of toasted bread, nuts, mayonnaise)1/230250
"Cesar" with chicken (chicken, tomatoes, pieces of toasted bread, nuts, mayonnaise)1/230200
"Kindzmari" (chicken, pomegranate, nuts, coriander, vinegar)1/200180
"Delice" (chicken boiled, ham, paprika, cheese, celdar nuts, mayonnaise)1/150180
"Tamara" (henchicken boiled, cucumber St., nuts gretskie, sour cream, pomegranate)1/200150
"The Russian beauty" (chicken boiled, veal tongue, carbonade, egg, cheese, tomato, cucumber salted, mayonnaise)1/230180
"A black panther" (chicken boiled, field mushrooms, a string bean red, cheese, Onions, mayonnaise))1/250160
"From the forest" (potatoes, mushroom pickled, veal tongue, sour cream)1/200170
"Cleopatra" (veal tongue, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, horse radish, mayonnaise)1/200180
"Gourmand" (ham, veal tongue, paprika, cheese, mayonnaise)1/150170
"Mother-in-law's language" (ham, pepper bulgarian, soya sauce, adzika, onions, greens, spices)1/160190
Salad with beef and mountain cranberry (beef, mountain cranberry, apples, cheese, mayonnaise)1/150150
"Chief" (beef, field mushrooms, string bean green, pepper bulgarian, Greens, mayonnaise) 1/220200
"General's salad" (pork sirloin, veal tongue, uncooked smoked sausage, eggs, cucumbers, mayonnaise)1/150170
"Kuchmachi" (heart, liver, nuts, pomegranate)1/200180
"Georgian" (cucumbers, tomatoes, hot pepper, nuts, greens, vinegar)1/200180
"Bulgarian" (tomatoes, sweet pepper, sour cream, brynza cheese)1/200120
"Greek" (tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper, feta cheese, salad, green olives, greens)1/200170
Fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper, mayonnaise)150/35120
Salad with cabbage and oranges (fresh cabbage, oranges, walnuts, marinated gherkins, olive oil)1/200110
Kharcho (beef, rice, onion, tomatoes, spices)100/200190
Bozbashi (mutton, rice, prunes, greens)100/200200
Soup with mutton meat-balls100/200200
Ukha, zander fish-soup (zander, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, greens)1/300190
Chihirtma (chicken boiled, egg chicken, onions, spices, greens)100/200110
Hot snack:
Fried suluguni cheese150/20130
Fried veal tongueper 100/100/15220
Dzhigari (liver, heart, onion, spices, pomegranate)1/250200
Brains by "matrosski" (brains beef, onions, spices)per 1/100130
"Corrida" (bull testicles with onion)120/35220
Chicken friedза 150/90165
Shashlik menu:
Salmon shashlikper 100/55300
Trout shashlikper 100/55300
Pork shashlikper 100/35140
Mutton shashlikper 100/35250
Mutton shashlik on a boneper 100/35220
Chicken shashlikper 100/35100
Grilled chicken on a spitper 100/50110
Champignons shashlikper 1/100120
Vegetable shashlik (aubergine, fresh tomatoes, sweet pepper)per 1/100100
Mutton lula-kebabper 100/150250
Mutton and pork lula-kebabper 100/150220
Second courses:
Tsotskhali (trout, nuts, spices, lemon)1/50/20290
Trout stewed (a trout with vegetables in dairy sauce)100/100/75400
Pike perch under a cap (pike perch, field mushrooms, onions, cream, greens, spices)250/30350
Trout river fried (trout river, lemon, pepper bulgarian, olives, greens) 1/120200
Sibass fish fried (sibass, greens, lemon, pepper bulgarian, olives, greens)за 100/70170
The gilthead fried (the gilthead, greens, lemon, pepper bulgarian, olives, greens) per 100/70170
Salmon in peach sauce (salmon, peaches, lemon, pepper bulgarian, olives, greens)per 100/25/85200
Salmon in caviar sauce (salmon, caviar salmon, cream, cognac, spices)1/160550
Halibut with shrimps (halibut, shrimps, potato, sour cream, greens, spices)250/180350
Chashushuli (beef, tomatoes, onion, greens, spices)100/150260
Chashushuli in the swept away sauce (beef, tomatoes, onion, greens, spices)1/200220
Khashlama (beef, onion, hot pepper, spices)1/250360
The Langet (beef, cucumber, tomato, pepper bulgarian)100/165220
Beef fried with a green string bean (beef, string bean green, onions, pepper bulgarian, adzika, greens)250/120250
The Thariella (beef, field mushrooms, onions, cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, carbonade, spices)1/265310
Pungent meat (pork, onion, hot pepper, tomatoes, greens)100/150230
Odzhakhuri (pork, potatoes, spices)1/300200
Meat in wine (pork, wine, onion, spices)1/150240
Meat in Imeretia manner (pork, onion, greens)200/50250
Chop from pork (pork, cucumber salted, onions, spices)150/85200
Meat in a rural way (pork, field mushrooms, rice, onions, cream, greens, spices)1/270220
Medallions (pork, mushrooms white, cream, a sesame, a potato, spices)1/300380
Minions (pork, liver chicken, field mushrooms, cream, onions, spices)1/210230
Meat in French (pork, field mushrooms, sour cream, tomato, onions, cream, cheese, spices) 280/50300
Cholnt from mutton (mutton, potato, raisin, prunes, onions, carrots, spices)1/300300
Chakapuli (mutton, greens, wine)1/250350
Mutton with vegetables (mutton, aubergine, sweet pepper, potatoes, spices, greens)1/250270
Chanakhi (mutton, potato, eggplant, tomato, spices)1/250270
Mutton orientally (mutton, potato, pepper bulgarian, onions, adzika, spices, greens)1/300350
Chakhokhbili (chicken, tomatoes, garlic, spices, greens)100/150150
"A chicken on-shkmerski" (liver chicken, oil creamy, garlic, sour cream)per 100/15150
Chicken "Tabaka"per 1/100100
Abkhazura (beef, pork, onions, spices, greens, pomegranate)за 100/20120
Khinkali Beef1/8040
Khinkali mutton1/8060
Tolma (stuffed grape leaves)150/50200
"Adzhab-sandal" (aubergine, potatoes, sweet pepper, tomatoes)1/250150
Mushushi (legs pork, garlic)per 1/10080
Kuchmachi chicken (heart, liver, stomachs chicken, onions, pomegranate, greens, spices)1/200160
"Lobio" (red beans, onion, greens, nuts)1/25090
Dinner of the prince (field mushrooms, potato, onions, cheese, mayonnaise, greens, spices) 1/275190
Fried potatoes1/15060
Backed potatoes1/15060
Fried cauliflower1/15060
Boiled cauliflower1/15060
Fried broccoli1/15060
Fried string bean the green siliculose1/15060
Rice with vegetables1/15060
Nuts sauce1/7060
Georgian sauce1/7050
"Tkemali" sauce1/7070
Pomegranate sauce "Narsharab"1/7080
"White" sauce (sour cream, garlic, greens)1/7040
Garlic sauce (garlic, spices, greens)1/7040
Honey sauce (honey and nuts)1/7070
Sour cream1/7040
Farinaceous dishes:
Khachapuri in Imeretia manner1/500250
Khachapuri in Mengrelia manner1/600280
Khachapuri in Adzharia manner1/350170
Khachapuri in Adzharia manner with quail egg1/350170
Hachapuri paff-pasty1/350170
Kupdari (paste, beef, pork, onion, greens, spices)1/500250
Georgian lavash1/25030
"Mchadi" (maize scone)1/10030
Rye bread1/202
Fruit salad1/250150
Ice-cream with fruits150/150140
Ice-cream with cognac and chocolate150/75130
Ice-cream with chocolate150/50110
Ice-cream with jam150/50110
Ice-cream with nuts150/50120
Peach Pie (puff-pastry pie with peaches and a scoop of ice-cream)300150
Apple Pie (open puff-pastry pie with caramelized apples)300150
Bruiseur (hot chocolate with cinnamon, cognac and cream)250150
"Oscar" (apple backed with honey, walnut and served with a scoop of ice-cream)200120
Jam in assortment (strawberry, raspberry, mountain cranberry, apricot, cherry, cranberry)5020


Sakartvelo - the land of Georgians – is known since high antiquity The first Georgian state, the Kolhi kingdom was founded in VI century B.C It was here, to Colchis, that Yason has come to get the Golden Fleece

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, will celebrate it’s 1548th birthday this autumn with the end of vintage. This festival is called Tbilisoba. Georgia was a tit-bit for Turkish, Iranian and Mongolian raids from time immemorial because of it’s advantageous situation and it’s fantastic nature. Lessing wrote: while we were engaged in enlightenment, Georgians in solitude were protecting the Christianity’s eastern frontier. A relative tranquility has come to Georgia only after an establishment of friendly relations with Russia.

It was not by chance that we named our restaurant “Pirosmany”. Niko Pirosmanishvili is the Georgian artist-primitivist.

He was born in a poor peasant family in 1862, the exact date of his birth is unknown, probably, on May, 5th. He passed almost all his life in Tiflis (now Tbilisi) where he got as a boy, after losing his parents. Pirosmani has attempted many things in life: tried to establish a signboard’s workshop, worked on the railway, even was engaged (and it was quite successful) in commerce, but at last his craving for creativity was insuperable and he became an artist.

It happened very late – in late thirties of his life, on the verge of XIX and XX centuries. After some years he had already established his reputation in the Tiflis district by the station, which became his permanent refuge. His work served the huge quantity of small shops and pubs existing then in Tiflis: made the signboards for stores, pubs and most of all for dukhans.

For the same establishments Pirosmani executed big pictures, wall panels and also painted window-panes. He managed not only to find his unique style. He also found out even the material - the black oil-cloth, on which nobody except him did not paint, turned out to be artistic medium with unique possibilities.

The popularity of Pirosmani in no way affected his personal destiny. He died in poverty in April 1918. The destiny of his art proved out to be fantastic. Today he is renowned across all the world. Prominent museums carefully store his pictures, his exhibitions invariably gather a great number of people.

In our restaurant we’ve tried to recreate an atmosphere of a dukhan at the beginning of the XX century, which seems to be painted by Pirosmani. We hope that here you will feel yourselves cosy.

The Georgian cuisine, which is present at our restaurant in all its variety, has saved its national peculiarity. The whole world knows the Georgian feasts - perhaps, because of their hospitality and toasts proclaimed. We are glad to raise a goblet to your health, saying: "Let God endow you with health, peace and happiness for long years!”

Дамы и Господа!

С начала лета наш ресторан радует своих гостей обновленным разнообразным меню! Приходите и испытайте новые приятные вкусовые эмоции!

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The address:

Street Republican, 48

operating mode:

from 12:00 till 2:00

without days off.

Our phone:

(4852) 72-99-27

We accept:

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